The Arts

Based on 'Every Chance to Learn: ACT Curriculum Framework' the St Benedict's Arts Curriculum provides opportunities for children to grow through creating, presenting and appreciating in a range of art forms, including dance, drama, music and visual arts. 

The processes of creating, presenting and appreciating are interconnected. Creating and presenting artistic works inform, and are informed by, understandings of symbol systems, conventions, technical skills and aesthetic qualities gained through engagement with and response to the artistic works of others.

Students have the opportunity to:


  • act as visual artist, designer, composer, choreographer, film maker, playwright.

  • use the forms, traditions and techniques of the art form

  • organise and express ideas

  • appropriate other works

  • explore possibliites

  • persevere with possibilities

  • reflect on their work


  • act as musician, dancer or actor

  • perform own or another's work

  • understand the practices and skills of the role
  • recognise the needs of an audience

  • reflect on the creative process
  • accept and give feedback


  • engage with and respond to traditional and contemporary works

  • describe, interpret, analyse and appraise

  • understand symbol, convention and technique

  • form opinions and develop personal tastes