Religious Education

Guided by Gospel values, we provide an education community within which students have the opportunity to hear the Good News and to respond to the person and message of Jesus so that they may develop to their fullest potential.

Religious Education is an integral part of the curriculum at St Benedict's and is, indeed, a focus that permeates the life and culture of our school. Our curriculum is drawn from 'Treasures Old and New', the Religious Education Curriculum for our Archdiocese.

In fostering the holistic development of our students, we recognise that our school community does not function in isolation but as part of the wider Church community, nurturing the faith that parents pass on to their children. At St Benedict's we value the vital contributions that the home, school and parish make to the Faith education of our students. We acknowledge that all three communities are called to an active partnership based on a common mission of bringing forth Treasures New and Old. We contribute to this life long faith journey by providing students with opportunities to share their faith through Masses, liturgies, regular prayer, Sacramental preparation, community service programs and classroom Religious Education.

Sacramental Program

Our school works with the St Benedict's Parish to prepare students for receiving Sacraments. Whilst parents can consult with the Parish Priest about receiving Sacraments at any time the school offers a program of Sacramental Preparation for:

  • Reconciliation - Year 2
  • First Eucharist - Year 3
  • Confirmation - Year 6

Parents are asked to enrol their child for sacramental preparation during Term 1 so that appropriate plans can be made.

For further questions please contact the Parish or school Religious Education Coordinator.