Our Staff

Junior Primary

Kindergarten Mrs Franca Tomadini
Year 1/2 Blue Ms Natalie Wright / Mrs Anne White
Year 1/2 Gold Ms Breena Walshe

Primary Learning Program (PLP)

Year 3/4 Blue Mrs Narelle O'Callaghan
Year 3/4 Gold Miss Samantha Slocomb
Year 5/6 Blue Mrs  Alana Quirk / Mrs Amanda Basedow 
Year 5/6 Gold Miss Emma Donaghue / Mrs Anne White


Principal Ms Rachel Smith
Assistant Principal Mrs Alana Quirk
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Natalie Wright

Specialist Teachers

Inclusion Teacher Mrs Jeanette Skaff

Literacy Practicioner

Numeracy Practicioner

Mrs Linda de Salis

Mrs Fran Tomadini

Teacher Librarian Mrs Sue Anderson




Mrs Sue Anderson

Ms Beth Moores

Mrs Narelle O'Callaghan / Miss Samantha Slocomb

School Counsellor

Ms Laura Lamerton

Support Staff

Office Manager Mrs Belinda McRae
Classroom Support Assistant

Ms Jennifer O'Shea

Mrs Kim Brice

Mrs Barbara Cox

Mrs Tracey Trewhella


Canteen Manager

Mr David Noble

Contacting Teachers

Teachers are more than happy to make time to talk to parents and prefer to make appointments for important conversations. 

Parents are welcome to leave a message with the Front Office to request teachers call them back. Alternatively parents are welcome to send an email to their child's teacher using the following email address format: firstname.lastname@cg.catholic.edu.au   

An email reply may not be likely until after school as teachers do not check email during teaching time and have daily supervision duties during recess and lunch.

School Counsellor

Catholic Care provides the school with the services of a Counsellor on a regular basis (at least 1/2 day per week).   The Counsellor is available to assist children with issues that may occur, and indeed parents and teachers may request assistance of the Counsellor.  If you would like to access the Counsellor for your child a referral form is available from the Front Office.