Policies & Procedures


Dispensing Medication at School

If your child is sick and requires follow up medication the school recommends that the student remains at home until the course of medication is completed. If this is not possible then the medication can be provided to the school, clearly labelled and accompanied by the following form:

If your child requires regular administering of medication at school for an ongoing health condition then please inform the Principal of this requirement and accompany the medication with the following forms:

The school staff does not administer Schedule 8 medication without prior approval from the Principal. Please discuss this need with the Principal if required.

Sick Students

Should a student become ill at school, in the interests of the their comfort, his/her parents or a nominated contact person will be informed and asked to take the student home.  The student will be cared for at school until he/she can be taken home. In times of emergency the name and phone number of the emergency contact person provided by parents will be used.

If your child contracts a contagious disease (such as chicken pox), we ask that you inform the school immediately so necessary steps can be taken to inform parents of the presence of such a disease in the school. Student and family confidentiality will be maintained.

Behaviour Management 

As a Catholic school we believe:

  • every student and teacher have the right to feel safe and be safe
  • staff should model gospel values and reflect St Benedict’s mission statement
  • staff expectations of student behaviour should be consistent
  • responses by staff (in encouraging positive behaviour and managing negative behaviour)
    should be consistent
  • the development of any individual aspects of behaviour management (for specific student
    needs) are aligned to the whole school approach and known by all staff
  • students are responsible for their own behaviour
  • students should respect themselves and others
  • student should be considerate, cooperative and courteous towards other

Therefore, we believe that all we do and say are grounded in the values we explicitly teach and model
to others. This policy is built around the premise that we act in a positive manner.


In the event of an accident occurring at school the following procedures will apply:

Minor Accidents  (that is, normal scratches and bruises):

The child will be treated by the staff in the school's Sick Bay and returned to class when deemed apropriate.

Accidents of a more serious nature  (that is, broken limbs, serious cuts, head injuries etc.) 

Parents will be notified and an ambulance called if required. Parents will always be informed when a head injury occurs in case symptoms appear after school hours.

All staff have CPR qualifications. All teaching staff and most part-time staff have Apply First Aid (formerly Senior First Aid) qualifications.

Accidents/first aid and dispensing medication policy