Principles for Learning

St Benedict’s Primary School’s philosophy of teaching and learning is founded upon the Catholic Church’s vision of formation and transmission of Christian values for living. It is also based upon the vision of Catholic Education (Canberra Goulburn) to share witness to our faith, build inclusive communities and deliver contemporary learning opportunities for every person.

Building upon these foundations, the school’s philosophy of teaching and learning is continually shaped by contemporary research of next practice in effective pedagogy, cognitive science and national and state educational platforms that serve all to achieve improved outcomes for all students.

At Saint Benedict’s teachers believe that students learn most effectively when:

Principles for Learning


Students at St Benedict’s are given timely feedback that is positive and constructive to assist them reach their individual goals.

Engagement with Understandings

Students at St Benedict’s are provided with the opportunity to work with new knowledge and skills in a way that enables them to mould and reshape their current understanding. They are actively involved in this process of learning, often requiring them to meaningfully practise and apply their new understandings and skills.

Reflecting the Goal Setting

Students at St Benedict’s have the opportunity to be responsible for learning by setting goals; practising skills and reflecting on learning, at a pace where individual needs are met.

Valued and Respected

Students at St Benedict’s feel valued and cared for by teachers, peers and others in the classroom and school. They have the opportunity to work both indepenently and collaboratively with others, be inquisitive, productive and heard. They can make decisions about their learning and the learning environment.

Risk taking in a safe and supportive environment

At St Benedict’s our learning environment enables students to independently face challenges with confidence. Active participation in learning is promoted and students develop successful strategies to become creative and critical thinkers, problem solvers, reflective and curious.

High Expectations, purposeful and challenging learning 

At St Benedict’s learners are challenged and have high, yet achievable expectations of/from themselves. We strive to ensure individual needs are met and to assist students to see a purpose for their learning. Subject matter becomes of interest to them and is presented at an appropriate developmental level. Frequent review (daily, weekly and monthy) is also used to ensure students acquire, rehearse and connect knowledge in their long term memory.