Sun Smart

Our school is currently registered as a Sunsmart School.  We enthusiastically pursue sunsafe practices.  In keeping with current health department recommendations with regard to the prevention of skin cancer, the wearing of hats is compulsory for all children when participating in any outdoor play or activity.  The use of sunscreen is also encouraged and our P & F Association provides the funds to purchase sunscreen for each classroom. 

St Benedict's has a "No hat - No play" rule. Children are to wear the school royal blue legionnaires style hat, bucket hat or wide-brimmed hat.  This is compulsory with the exception of the months of June and July. 

The Cancer Council ACT does not recommend sun protection in Canberra during June and July as roughly 2-3 hours a week of sun exposure is required to produce sufficient vitamin D levels for most people. As a consequence the ACT SUNSMART policy, which informs the St Benedict’s School Policy, recommends that no hats be worn in the months of June and July.