Community Life

Schools are busy places and there is much more going on than what happens in the English and Maths lessons in the classroom. At St Benedict's we do all we can to support families through the Primary School years and we work closely with parents to listen to the needs of families and develop services that can make school life a little easier to manage.

We know also that many parents would like to assist the school at some point during their years with us and we create and welcome opportunities for parents to be involved. We always welcome more ideas on how we can do this.


The School Tuckshop operates on Wednesdays. It aims to provide nutritious snacks at Recess and Lunch at reasonable prices.  Summer and Winter Menus are regularly distributed to parents with the newsletter and on this website.  To order you will need to download the Spriggy School App.  Orders need to be placed by 9am.

Tuckdays are held at least once per term, usually alongside a special event, e.g Athletics Carnival, Easter, etc.  TheTuckshop provides a special meal deal at a reduced cost for students.

Before & After School Care


TeamKids  Before & After Care, Vacation Care

TeamKids is the premium provider that exists to enrich children's lives before school, after school and throughout the school holidays.

Before & After Care Available Here!

When attending TeamKids before and after school care, your children are in remarkable hands.  Our full-time Director of Service is highly experienced in the field, and their number one priority is fun - your child will love the experiences we have on offer every day at TeamKids.

When children join our team, not only are they able to explore their world through our designated activity zones and TeamKids Clubs, but they'll get to connect, collaborate and learn with others in a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters their individuality and own unique interests.

They'll also enjoy an incredible menu jam-packed with nutritious and delicious food.  One thing is for sure, your child will not go hungry.

From the moment you walk through the door, TeamKids provides an atmosphere that is welcoming, relaxed and inclusive.  At every opportunity, we aim to promote child agency and help to shape their innate leadership skills through a variety of in-house leadership opportunities and fun, engaging rewards programs.

We offer industry leading educator to child ratios of 1 : 10 (industry standard is 1 : 15 ), resulting in safer, better supervised experiences for all involved.

All our programs are fully approved under the National Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

We're excited and look forward to welcoming you to the TeamKids Family.

To find out more, register or book here.

TeamKids Vacation Care

TeamKids School Holiday Program Available Here!

TeamKids holiday programs are conveniently located here at your school, with extended hours to help families juggle work and home.

Truth be told, TeamKids started out being Holiday Program specialists - so get set for an action-packed adventure your children are sure to enjoy!

During the school holidays, our focus is on FUN.  Our programming team-work with the school, parents and children to build the best possible program for your community, including a broad range of exciting experiences that include incursions, excursions and in-house activities that will ensure your child has an absolute blast every day.  Programs may include activities like cooking, bubble soccer, trampoline parks, epic excursions, super sports days, giant laser tag, art attack, coding, construction, maker days, STEM days, robotics and so much more.

The Fun Squad is poised and waiting, so don't delay, book into our holiday program today.

To find out more, register or book here.

Clothing Pool

If you require  any uniform, please email the school or contact the front office on 62958027,  with a list of items required. A selection of second-hand uniforms is available at the Clothing Pool at reduced prices.  Donations of uniforms that are clean and in good condition are always welcome.   A current price list for new items is available at the Front Office.

Book Club

The services of Scholastic Book Club are available at St Benedict's.  Twice a term, a catalogue will be sent home for perusal.  Purchases are optional.  Bonus points are allocated to the school with every purchase made through Book Club which accumulate and are used to obtain books for the school library.

School Hours 

8.30 am             Gates Open.  Before school supervision commences.

8.55 am             Whole School assembles.

9.00 am             Learning Block 1

11.00 am            Outdoor play time.

11:15 am            Supervised eating time.

11.30 am            Learning Block 2

1.30 pm              Supervised eating time.

1.40 pm              Outdoor play time and lunch time clubs.

2.10 pm              Learning Block 3

3.10 pm              Students dismissed.

3.30 pm              After school supervision concludes.