Our School

At St Benedict's you will find:

  • A small and welcoming community with happy and enthusiastic children.
  • Highly-motivated and experienced staff dedicated to implementing best education practices.
  • A high-level of parental involvement in all school activities.
  • A committed School Board and active Parents and Friends Association.
  • Spirituality, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Dignity, Compassion and Optimism.

Our School History 

St Benedict’s Primary School was opened in 1955 under the care of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. From 1961 to 1981 the Sisters of the Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (a Dutch Order brought to Australia during a time of teacher shortage for Catholic Schools) were responsible for the administration of the school. The strong sense of community and partnership established in these early years is still part of our school's culture today.

During our long history of providing Catholic education in Canberra, St Benedict's has earned the reputation of being an effective and successful school with unique and special qualities.

School Prayer

Help us to grow in love as we work and pray,

 to follow your footsteps to create a world of

peace and hope.

Help us to become more like you,

 lead us to a holy life so we all can be blessed

 through prayer, silence and penance.

 We will pray, work and walk your way of truth

 as we make our way to a better world.


Our Patron Saint 

St Benedict

The school was named after an early Italian saint --St Benedict--the patron saint of school children.  Benedict was born to a distinguished family in Norcia (central Italy) around 480 AD. After study in Rome, he lived a solitary life in Subiaco. He was later drawn to the monastic life and later founded the famous monastery at Monte Cassino. His rule is still relevant today to Christians who seek to live a life of love and justice.  The Benedictine Charism emphasises a life that incorporates the balance of work, rest and prayer.

St Benedict died in AD 545. His Feast Day is celebrated on 11 July. This is usually during the School Holidays. The school therefore celebrates St Benedict's Day at the end of Term 2