Mission and Vision

School Mission

Inspired by Christ and guided by his teachings, the community of St Benedict’s journeys together to provide a caring, friendly, learning environment that nurtures the development of each child through love, prayer and work. 


School Motto

To Work and Pray

School Vision

The community of St Benedict's Primary School aims to bear witness to its mission by bringing to life the four key elements of our Vision Statement:

Inspired by Christ

Inclusive Community

‘Focus our eyes on God and His word.’

(St Benedict of Nursia)

‘All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ.’

(St Benedict of Nursia)

At St Benedict’s we:

  • Share and give witness to the Catholic faith and Tradition
  • Provide an environment and opportunities for students to know and love Jesus
  • Strive to be the living Gospel


At St Benedict’s we:

  • Recognise each other as a precious and unique creation of God
  • Are culturally diverse and acknowledge and value different traditions.
  • Encourage active participation of all members
  • Build positive relationships with each other


Providing Educational Excellence


‘Ora et labora – To work and pray’

(St Benedict of Nursia)

‘Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.’

(St Benedict of Nursia)

At St Benedict’s we:

  • Provide outstanding, contemporary education practice
  • Have a passion for learning and high expectations
  • Develop creative and critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Encourage reflection and curiosity

At St Benedict’s we:

  • Develop our students in a holistic manner
  • Ensure each student is safe, nurtured and encouraged to do their personal best
  • Look to serve our school and the community
  • Promote and provide opportunities for mission and stewardship

Our Values

Spirituality              Dignity

Excellence                Compassion

Integrity              Community