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Principal, Ms Rachel Smith, welcomes you to St Benedict's Primary School.

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 Our School Community

Our school is is a place of belonging. All are welcome. Let us show you a little of the how we all live, learn and work together.

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 Teaching & Learning

Dedicated and skilled teachers lead each learning community through their Kindergaten to Year 6 journey. What might that journey look like?

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Starting your child in Kindergarten at St Benedict's could never be easier.

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Technology @ St Benedict's

Tradition and technology walk hand in hand. St Benedict's provides the opportunity to learn the skills of the future.

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Find out how to enrol at St Benedict's.

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Catholic School Week


Mindfulness Day

5 Ways of Being Awards

 Monday - Friday   17/9/18  - 21/9/18 Thursday 27/9/18 Friday 28 /9/18



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Last Day of Term 3

First Day of Term 4


Friday 28/9/18


St Benedict's School

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