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Student Leadership

Opportunities for student leadership at St Benedict's are many and varied. Our current Yr 6 leaders are ably supported in their duties by a smaller team of Yr 6 students. In the second half of the school year,  the Yr 5 students become apprentice leaders allowing them to develop their leadership skills through the support of a larger team. In 2017 our student leaders will represent our school in a large variety of opportunities both inside and outside of the school community.

 Our student leaders for 2017 are:

 Arakoola House                              Tangara House            Murramai House        

Elvy                                                  Lewis                            James
Breahna                                           Mason                           Caitlin


Hospitality & Events            Media                    Liturgical

Josie                                                            Nandan                                Giselle
Georgina                                          Alex                             Shanae
Nikita                                                Alyssa                          Bridie

Peer Support                                  Environmental

Charlotte                                        Sophie
Tomas                                             Anica
Benjamin                                        Mia


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